Sunday, November 7, 2010

What? Hairpins?

Hi there,

 *Sigh*, you are probably thinking, why would anyone have so many hairpins as well as color ones. I will get this straight, I do not use this when I go out but I keep them in a jar along with hair bands. I sometimes use them when wash my face in the evening or when I need bookmarks. All these come from a spontaneous moment of me being struck by cuteness.

 Fish and strawberries.

 I think the rabbit is also a Japanese character. All of us know Hello Kitty for sure ^_^

 Something about frogs huh? They look silly.

 I don't really like the cat. The pink flower is much cuter. Cute or not, these are not comfortable to use.

Come back to the blog soon for more posts ^_"

My First Card

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