Friday, November 5, 2010

Animals and aliens


I used to save a portion of my breakfast allowance to buy stickers and then kept them until the stickers were not even sticky any more. One of the many addictions relating to crafts I had. Below are some cards I put together with a fun, spontaneous use of stickers.

I use a pretty plain background to bring out the colors of the stickers. Grouping the animals into circles to give an animating and conversational effect. Well, it works for mommy and baby koala, baby chick and baby duck, bird and parrot, but I'm sure we all wonder how it works for goat and dog and more strangely among elephant, owl and lion. Oops, I was just being spontaneous.
 Panda time exercising in the morning.
Spooky alien invading our planet. 
My First Card

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