Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Dear friends,

Today I went to a charity event held by international women association for unprivileged children. There were many kiosks from different countries selling art and crafts and traditional food *yum*. It was quite fun, but I was wearing high heels so @_@... my feet hurt now. As a result of one hour walking around, I got some Christmas craft and they are super cute, so I decided to make a Christmas card.

Aren't we all excited that the holiday is coming ^_^?

Hope you enjoyed the card!

Much love,

My First Card

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Birdy Celebration!

Dear all my dearest friends,

Today, I decided to have a celebration for myself since I have so much kind feedback from you. Join in with the birdy party!

Although the colors are not vibrant but the combination of many colors and the repetition of the circles make the card very playful. I am not really sure why the Crayola are there; but all the sudden, I feel like they belong. 

Did you know that birds make sound like my name? "tweet" "tweet" ~ "Thuy" "Thuy". 

As always, a close-up for you! This is one of my favorite cards so far ^_^. What do you think?

I still have to go to work in the morning and have an event to attend in the afternoon so I have to say good night now. Talk to you soon...


My First Card

Friday, November 26, 2010

My *Love Thanks* to YOU

Dearest friends,

This is my BIG thank you to you all for your friendship. You are my inspiration and the ones who keep me dreaming my crafter's dream. I can't be happier sharing my art and crafts with you. I wish you a lot of goodness this Thanksgiving... success for your career, happiness for your family, love from all those around you and of course, lots of good eats ^_^.

Thank you to my 18 beloved craft lovers (including me when I am my own fan ^^): debpaint16, Kim Andrews, TC's little piece of heaven, Missy, Marga, The Scrapoholic, Music Maker, FileKutz, Janie, Eve, debbiewilson62, West Lake Review, Evvy's Studio, Rebecca Mayne, Petite Hermine, Scrapping Stephanie, Lemon Short Bread and hopefully many more to come.

You follow and give me so much blog love. I am really grateful.

Followers (18)

- Thank you to my 347 FaceBook Friends who accept me as their friends and regularly come visit my FB and blog.

Special thanks to:

- Jill Thee Scrapoholic: you are so kind and I will always keep my prayers for you and your brother. Even when you can't leave blog love, I still can feel it :)

  • Jill Thee Scrapoholic I tried leaving a comment on your blog but blogger won't let me :( Anyways, Love the cards! love the bead accents definitely the right touch!
    Wednesday at 12:25am

- Martine Moore: you are super sweet and always liking my cards. I hope one day to take your jewelry classes.

- Priya Agarwal: I am very happy that my cards could inspire you. Please soon post some crafts you make. I can't wait :)
Priya Agarwal November 24 at 8:56pm Report
muz say , all ur creations are amazing .. too good .. n vibrant.. love people who r creative

- Phuong Pham: Couldn't be happier when you went from a fan to a crazy fan. There are so many wonderful crafters out there but I am super psyched that you are my FAN.

    • Phuong Pham hi, thanks for the wish and for accepting my friend request. i saw your craft projects. They're wonderful. I'm a fan.
      November 19 at 11:25pm · 

- Carla Phillips: It means so much and is such an honor to hear the word "talented" from a crafter like you. You made my day full of blossoming flowers.

    • Carla Phillips It's a pleasure to meet you! I just stopped by your site and you are very talented! I love your XMAS cards! Tooo cute.
      Wednesday at 9:51pm · 

- Angel Painter: your paintings and the focus of the eyes are so addictive. Love the drawing/ profile picture of yours.

    • Angelpainter/Artfire like your blog. How do you like the mini printer. I was thinking of getting one.
      November 22 at 7:58pm · 

-DDscrafts: I can never get enough of DDscrafts cards. They are all so cute. I told you that I would gather all your cards and hide them in my treasure box.
Thuy Le

Thuy Le I am so thankful for all my online friends and your friendship. Can't be happier when I can share with you my art and craft. love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

about an hour ago ·  · 

- Stephanie Rosenthal-Hedderick: I will always stop by "Always Crafting" and leave you blog love.

- Liliana Lois Disenos: I can never get enough love... thanks so much for loving my cards, Liliana.

- Rizwan Mujeebuddin: I love when you had liked the cards before knowing that I made them :)
    • Rizwan Mujeebuddin you know what i've seen this page before recently and i don't remember how or where? i had no idea this was yours, they are awesome!
      November 21 at 12:08am · 

Thank you to all my 35 Twitter Followers: West Lake Review, Evvy's Studio, Crafty Danielle, Damien0831, Tina Lovell, Bizimgibiler, Bstrung, Santa_Claus,  Crafts Weekly, Big Ideas Heart, Keti Art, Art of Hanoi, Closet Delights, MonsterBall, Sweet Spot Stamps, Lizzy T, Rhiannon Gagnon, Wish With Me, A Vision to Remember, Luke and Loolu, Steffani Lovell, Vink Dsign, Shelterskelter, Pretzlespaw, Ladayslipperbrid, Mariapalitousa, Ksieboldstudios, Custom_badges, TheColorBee, WeJustCan, Neergdotcom, PetiteHermine, PhilipARichards, Cafehandmade and hopefully many more to come...

Of course, I cannot do all this without the wonderful support of my husband who loves, believes and supports me in many ways (thanks for tolerating my craft messiness).

  • You like this.

    • Zac Herman and i like thuy le
      November 18 at 11:24am · 

    • Thuy Le Didn't see that you wrote so sweet ^_*
      November 20 at 11:43pm · 

Thank you to all who have visited my blog, looked at my crafts that I might not have included here. I love you and please come back to visit me often. Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love,

My First Card

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Green Christmas

Hi friends,

Since a lot of us have not had time to do crafts for Christmas, this is for you Missy Smith and Crafty Bear. Christmas love is in the air!!!

This is probably the simplest card that I make, but I like it cause the beads look like Christmas lights :)
Christmas time is the time to believe. Keep running ... the journey is what so wonderful.

My First Card

Joy for the Holiday!

Dearest friends,

A lot of us have started preparing for Christmas already. I have seen so many awesome Christmas cards and crafts from you, so I have to join into the collection.

A Jolly Holiday for everyone! It took me forever to put the beads on the Christmas tree. Very very tedious but so worth it.
I put a big red bead on the sock to make it like a King's. Love the birds on mistletoe branches and a touch of snowflakes worked out fine here... I think ^_*
I decided to take a close up for this one and love it. So Christmas-y!

From now till Christmas, let's keep counting... not the days but on Santa ^_^. Thank you for spending time looking at the cards. I am very happy.


My First Card

Monday, November 22, 2010

Just like birds, we can't be apart!

Dearest friends,

Birds are always fly in families; just like us, we want to to live among other to love and feel loved. Not until this very moment, I recognized the reason for me creating this card. This is for my brother... I love you no matter where you are. Just like birds, we can't be apart... Old times are forever memories!

I really enjoy this color combination. Very soothing with the jady blue but the red also brings out a lot of strength. 
The hardest part for me was to paste all the little beads around the rectangular. Believe me, the beads are so so small. Do you feel like from this angle, the bird is looking at me saying "Picture again?" 
I used EK Success to make the flowers. First layer is a big flower. Second is a small one and a bead on top. And I'm done. 
Tools I used to make the cards. The only pricy thing is Xyron mini printer, but you can use it again and again.  

As always, thanks for stopping by. You are the ones who keep me dreaming my crafter dream ^_^. Talk to you soon.


My First Card

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chirp Tweet

Hi there,

I am back today with cute cards. This is Chirp Tweet, love birds saying hi for your beautiful morning. Each day is a wonderful but some days are quite difficult, but please remember "Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life is easier" :) I hope this card will bring you some smiles and make your day cuter.

I love the color combination... hopefully, you are too ^_* Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow will make you feel very happy.
I used the buttons to add in more dimension. I also elevated the birds for the same effect as well as to draw more attention to them. 

See you again soon when I have more cards to share.

My First Card

Christmas Angels

Hi there,

Today has been a tough and long day at work, so I decided not to bring any paperwork home.... well except one but I didn't even look at it. Hmm... what do we have today... oh, it's a Christmas card. Yay!

Red and green are colors of Christmas and they are here in this card, but I decided to go with light green for a more gentle feeling. Nevertheless, you will still see some dark green in the details.
Well, I know my flowers/angels are a bit off center, but you know that's what happens when I try to make cards after work and late at night ^_* (wink wink). It's all about having fun right? right?
I used EK Success to cute out the flowers. For the top rows, I decided choose the mistletoes because they are in dark green and some red which hep them stand out on a lighter background. The angels are right below as if they are hung from the mistletoes. For the last row, I used double layers of flowers in light and dark green and with a touch red beads in the middle. 

Without any words on the cover, I wanted this card with colors and decorations to bring you a joyous and peaceful feeling when you see it. I am lucky to have a home with a family and when Christmas comes, we can all see each other to wish the best wishes for each other's life.

May the Christmas Angles bring to you, my dear craft friends, a lot of happiness..., some cookies and milk and plenty of heavy presents from Santa ^_* (wink).


My First Card

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've grown long neck missing you

Dear all craft friends,

I have been showered with your kind comments, your following me and all the encouragement. Thank you so much. In the next two weeks, you will see a lot more love cards because right after the anniversary, my husband went on a business trip, so I'm missing him so much. Well, good thing that I have you ^_^. This weekend, I am planning to do some new things with my blog and hopefully you will like it. 

Okay. What I have for you today is a "I miss you" card. Instead of choosing a romantic theme, I decided to choose one of my favorite animals, giraffe. I ran across some foam paper and thought it would be fun to make animals out of them (ha).

GOOD PICTURES ARE HERE NOW as I promised with you.

Romantic translation: Even when I am in the most beautiful garden on earth, I still feel something is missing when you are not here.Giraffe translation: The trees and flowers have grown so tall, I cannot see over the gate whether you are home yet, so I "grew" my neck longer. Oops!!!

A close-up for you
Well, I love the eyes so here is another close up ^_^
Besides a pair of scissors , I use these Xyron guys.  They come in quite handy. 
Well, usually I can make a lot of cards at one time, but today this is it! I hope you like it and you are not growing long neck missing somebody like me ^_*. Talk to you soon!


My First Card
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