Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Fever

Hi there,

Christmas is coming and I can't help myself....I have to make some Christmas crafts. Enjoy!!!

  Here is a Christmas photo page. Just need colors, glitters and snowman and you have it all.
 You can see in the close up that the picture frame, snowman or Christmas are diagonal. I also cut some strips of the same craft paper as the background to paste on it. This gives a third dimension effect.

 I use similar material for this card as the photo page. First put a stripe of Christmas tree on the front left and bring this design to the back as well. Christmas tree and snowflakes stickers are also pasted on the front to set the mood. The glitters will draw our eyes immediately to it. Inside I use a different design on the inner left with lots of snowman so when people open the card, they will be surprised because snowman are cute and the design are different from the front. A big sticker on the right next to the message also adds into the cuteness.

Close up of the front.
This is a Thank you Card during Christmas season. Bo Me here means Dad Mom. Since this card is a mix of two occasions, I decided to go with pink for a background. To create a snow effect, I laid down a white decorative border at the bottom and a little bit on the left.

Of course I cannot forget to put a cute Eskimo couple holding and saying thank you ^__________^


My First Card

1 comment:

Karle said...

you have such awesome work. i looooove it all. xoxo

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