Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joy for the Holiday!

Dearest friends,

A lot of us have started preparing for Christmas already. I have seen so many awesome Christmas cards and crafts from you, so I have to join into the collection.

A Jolly Holiday for everyone! It took me forever to put the beads on the Christmas tree. Very very tedious but so worth it.
I put a big red bead on the sock to make it like a King's. Love the birds on mistletoe branches and a touch of snowflakes worked out fine here... I think ^_*
I decided to take a close up for this one and love it. So Christmas-y!

From now till Christmas, let's keep counting... not the days but on Santa ^_^. Thank you for spending time looking at the cards. I am very happy.


My First Card


BonnieRose said...

very cute.. love it!

The West Lake Review said...

Ok I want some King's beads for my socks now too!

My First Card said...

Thanks Bonnie.
WLR, I can make the King's socks for you if you give me my Christmas presents!!!

( '' '' )
(")__(") little baby rabbit

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