Monday, November 22, 2010

Just like birds, we can't be apart!

Dearest friends,

Birds are always fly in families; just like us, we want to to live among other to love and feel loved. Not until this very moment, I recognized the reason for me creating this card. This is for my brother... I love you no matter where you are. Just like birds, we can't be apart... Old times are forever memories!

I really enjoy this color combination. Very soothing with the jady blue but the red also brings out a lot of strength. 
The hardest part for me was to paste all the little beads around the rectangular. Believe me, the beads are so so small. Do you feel like from this angle, the bird is looking at me saying "Picture again?" 
I used EK Success to make the flowers. First layer is a big flower. Second is a small one and a bead on top. And I'm done. 
Tools I used to make the cards. The only pricy thing is Xyron mini printer, but you can use it again and again.  

As always, thanks for stopping by. You are the ones who keep me dreaming my crafter dream ^_^. Talk to you soon.


My First Card


The West Lake Review said...

that card should be in a papercrafts book at Borders. You are so amazing, i cant wait to come home and see them for real!

My First Card said...

aw... you make me so happy with your comments. i miss you. come home soon!

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