Thursday, November 11, 2010

My cute animal friend!

Hi there,

I haven't been using my stamps in a long time, so I decide to make a cute card today with stamps. I will add the materials and tools used to make this card soon. Enjoy everybody!

A cute card to give to kids or even mom-to-be. I used a darker shade of pink for the card and combine it with bright yellow. The pictures are a bit dark but I will try to take some pictures at the weekend to better show you the colors.
I stamped the animal figures onto the paper and then traced some lines with black watercolor brushes to bring out the design and the focus. In addition, I stamped some cute wishes and underline them with a brush. For the flowers, there are two designs (pictures coming soon). Two layers of the same size but different colors to be at the bottom. A smaller design of another to be on top and lastly a shiny bead. 


My First Card

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