Monday, November 15, 2010

I love you more!


Today is my anniversary so this card is for my husband. This anniversary is when we officially went out together, not our wedding anniversary. It was a nice romantic autumn day ^_^.

This is the first circle card that I made. The circle implies the fullness of love and the two birds have always been symbol of marriage. It's important to tell your love ones how much you love them. So today, I made this card to tell my husband that I love him... more!

Everyday is a wonderful day with lots of love!

We can't stop twitting we love each other!


Suella said...

This is so very cute, love the saying, thats what I tell my hubby Love you more!

Debbie said...

your card is very cute thanks for sharing Debbie

Rose :: Fine Craft said...

a very thoughtful card! the unusual colors for a love-card are very friendly and gentle, and well, let's face it... men love blue, so i'm sure he loved getting this sweetness from you.

My First Card said...

Thank you so much Suella, Debbie and Rose. Your comments are so sweet.... I'm fainting ^_*

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