Friday, November 5, 2010

Quick Photo Pages

Hi there,

I post here some example of easy photo scrapbook pages. What I would like to include are flowers, vibrant warm colors like pink and purple and pictures borders and picture frames. The number of scrapbook pages are 10 so I fix it to 5 design, 1 design and 1 variation for 2 pages. The ones posted here are examples of that 1 design and its variation.

I used a white flowers borders from Martha Steward on the left side. I cut out two 4x6 picture size on paste it on a flowery background paper. Then, using the flowers cut from this background paper to put around the picture frame. Done, you have a scrapbook page.

Here, I also put a white border to create consistency, two picture frames and flowers cute out from the background paper for the picture frame.

By limiting a number of design and its variation for the scrapbook, I am able to make it much faster and create a theme more easily. Also, this helps me save on my crafting materials.

My First Card

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