Thursday, November 4, 2010

Middle School Hype...


Once in a while, we may all find some boxes stored away in the closet and wonder what's inside. I looked into one in my room in my parents' house and found cards I made when I was in middle school. With cheap papers, some glitters, glue and comic characters, I made many "prototypes" and wished to sell them to the world. Well, they are here still, with me, so I will share with you. Enjoy!

 A lively little girl for a Happy New Year!
I guess I decided to make a Best Wishes card with a girl catching fireflies. Wonder what was in my mind huh?
I used the glitter to enhance the effect for both of these cards. Vertical stripes for the left one and lining with the paper crease for the right one.
 Same thing here, I was trying to do something creative with the glitters. They turned out alright!

Overall, these cards bring back sweet memories. I guess my love for cards has been growing since a long time ago...

My First Card

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