Friday, November 26, 2010

My *Love Thanks* to YOU

Dearest friends,

This is my BIG thank you to you all for your friendship. You are my inspiration and the ones who keep me dreaming my crafter's dream. I can't be happier sharing my art and crafts with you. I wish you a lot of goodness this Thanksgiving... success for your career, happiness for your family, love from all those around you and of course, lots of good eats ^_^.

Thank you to my 18 beloved craft lovers (including me when I am my own fan ^^): debpaint16, Kim Andrews, TC's little piece of heaven, Missy, Marga, The Scrapoholic, Music Maker, FileKutz, Janie, Eve, debbiewilson62, West Lake Review, Evvy's Studio, Rebecca Mayne, Petite Hermine, Scrapping Stephanie, Lemon Short Bread and hopefully many more to come.

You follow and give me so much blog love. I am really grateful.

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- Thank you to my 347 FaceBook Friends who accept me as their friends and regularly come visit my FB and blog.

Special thanks to:

- Jill Thee Scrapoholic: you are so kind and I will always keep my prayers for you and your brother. Even when you can't leave blog love, I still can feel it :)

  • Jill Thee Scrapoholic I tried leaving a comment on your blog but blogger won't let me :( Anyways, Love the cards! love the bead accents definitely the right touch!
    Wednesday at 12:25am

- Martine Moore: you are super sweet and always liking my cards. I hope one day to take your jewelry classes.

- Priya Agarwal: I am very happy that my cards could inspire you. Please soon post some crafts you make. I can't wait :)
Priya Agarwal November 24 at 8:56pm Report
muz say , all ur creations are amazing .. too good .. n vibrant.. love people who r creative

- Phuong Pham: Couldn't be happier when you went from a fan to a crazy fan. There are so many wonderful crafters out there but I am super psyched that you are my FAN.

    • Phuong Pham hi, thanks for the wish and for accepting my friend request. i saw your craft projects. They're wonderful. I'm a fan.
      November 19 at 11:25pm · 

- Carla Phillips: It means so much and is such an honor to hear the word "talented" from a crafter like you. You made my day full of blossoming flowers.

    • Carla Phillips It's a pleasure to meet you! I just stopped by your site and you are very talented! I love your XMAS cards! Tooo cute.
      Wednesday at 9:51pm · 

- Angel Painter: your paintings and the focus of the eyes are so addictive. Love the drawing/ profile picture of yours.

    • Angelpainter/Artfire like your blog. How do you like the mini printer. I was thinking of getting one.
      November 22 at 7:58pm · 

-DDscrafts: I can never get enough of DDscrafts cards. They are all so cute. I told you that I would gather all your cards and hide them in my treasure box.
Thuy Le

Thuy Le I am so thankful for all my online friends and your friendship. Can't be happier when I can share with you my art and craft. love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

about an hour ago ·  · 

- Stephanie Rosenthal-Hedderick: I will always stop by "Always Crafting" and leave you blog love.

- Liliana Lois Disenos: I can never get enough love... thanks so much for loving my cards, Liliana.

- Rizwan Mujeebuddin: I love when you had liked the cards before knowing that I made them :)
    • Rizwan Mujeebuddin you know what i've seen this page before recently and i don't remember how or where? i had no idea this was yours, they are awesome!
      November 21 at 12:08am · 

Thank you to all my 35 Twitter Followers: West Lake Review, Evvy's Studio, Crafty Danielle, Damien0831, Tina Lovell, Bizimgibiler, Bstrung, Santa_Claus,  Crafts Weekly, Big Ideas Heart, Keti Art, Art of Hanoi, Closet Delights, MonsterBall, Sweet Spot Stamps, Lizzy T, Rhiannon Gagnon, Wish With Me, A Vision to Remember, Luke and Loolu, Steffani Lovell, Vink Dsign, Shelterskelter, Pretzlespaw, Ladayslipperbrid, Mariapalitousa, Ksieboldstudios, Custom_badges, TheColorBee, WeJustCan, Neergdotcom, PetiteHermine, PhilipARichards, Cafehandmade and hopefully many more to come...

Of course, I cannot do all this without the wonderful support of my husband who loves, believes and supports me in many ways (thanks for tolerating my craft messiness).

  • You like this.

    • Zac Herman and i like thuy le
      November 18 at 11:24am · 

    • Thuy Le Didn't see that you wrote so sweet ^_*
      November 20 at 11:43pm · 

Thank you to all who have visited my blog, looked at my crafts that I might not have included here. I love you and please come back to visit me often. Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love,

My First Card


Mystee said...

Aww this is so sweet. More of us {including me} should do things like this ☺
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving

Pham Ngoc Phuong said...

My dear Thuy, nothing is more wonderful than starting the morning with a beautiful card and warm wishes from you. You are a really special girl. I don't know since when I have had the habit of checking updates on your blog and Facebook everyday. I wish you and your family all the best.

Lemon Shortbread said...

why thank you you are such a sweet person! Love the birdies & cute flowers, I also like the way you placed a colourful backdrop for your photo =)

The West Lake Review said...

the photo is just as beautiful as the card itself. You must be using a really nice camera; I wonder who could have been such a wonderful person to get you a camera like that ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including me in your blog

My First Card said...

Dear Mystee, Phuong, Lemon Shortbread, West Lake Review and Angelpainter, I am so happy that you stopped by. love you all! My First Card.

petite hermine said...

Awww thanks :) That card is so cute!

ScrappingStephanie said...

Thank you so much. So sweet:) I am glad to have a new friend:) Keep crafting.


sweetspotstamps said...

very cute card! So very sweet!!

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