Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've grown long neck missing you

Dear all craft friends,

I have been showered with your kind comments, your following me and all the encouragement. Thank you so much. In the next two weeks, you will see a lot more love cards because right after the anniversary, my husband went on a business trip, so I'm missing him so much. Well, good thing that I have you ^_^. This weekend, I am planning to do some new things with my blog and hopefully you will like it. 

Okay. What I have for you today is a "I miss you" card. Instead of choosing a romantic theme, I decided to choose one of my favorite animals, giraffe. I ran across some foam paper and thought it would be fun to make animals out of them (ha).

GOOD PICTURES ARE HERE NOW as I promised with you.

Romantic translation: Even when I am in the most beautiful garden on earth, I still feel something is missing when you are not here.Giraffe translation: The trees and flowers have grown so tall, I cannot see over the gate whether you are home yet, so I "grew" my neck longer. Oops!!!

A close-up for you
Well, I love the eyes so here is another close up ^_^
Besides a pair of scissors , I use these Xyron guys.  They come in quite handy. 
Well, usually I can make a lot of cards at one time, but today this is it! I hope you like it and you are not growing long neck missing somebody like me ^_*. Talk to you soon!


My First Card


Zac Herman said...

very cute and sweet card. did you find the camera charger yet? It's in the office in the bottom drawer next to the paper shredder.
love, husband

The West Lake Review said...

i love the colors and the palm tree in the background. wanted to write one more comment 'cuz i miss u so much. i'll be back soon, and with gifts! talk to you soon
love, husband

My First Card said...

thanks so much for your comments husband. I'm so glad you like it ^_^. well, hopefully you can recognize me with a new long neck...

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