Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas/Thanksgiving Favorites

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 This Craft book contains over 200 card designs for special occasions throughout the year and, edited by Sarah Crosland, David and Charles Company ( All articles include:

1. Picture of the craft
2. Technique used
3. Materials used
4. Tip - Tip - Tip
5. Step by step instruction

Below I will show you my favorite Christmas and Thanksgiving cards from this book. Sorry, only three.
Twinkle Star
Designed and made by Tracey Daykini-Jones
This is a stunning Christmas card because of the combination of colors, although traditional, beautifully attractive. The red immediately draws your eye to the Green Christmas tree, simply paste on the white background. I love the little card as well. 
Christmas Lights
Designed and made by Tracy Daykin-Jones
I thought the Santa Claus figure could be cuter  but the card is cleverly shaped to create a greater dimension. It can be a nice display on your work desk. 

Sew Cool
Designed and Made by Sam Currie
I feel in love with the bold orange background and the way the designer use the stamp to create a subtle but lovely background. The ribbon on the left could be tied more beautifully, but overall, I like it.


My First Card

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