Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Time!

Hi there,

Halloween is one of my favorite occasions of the year. It is a lot more fun and exciting in America, but now being in Asia, things are a lot more subtle. Right after a long business flight, I sit down on my couch and decide to make some Halloween pumpkins and ghosts to post on my front door, so everybody (+kids) who walk by will see it. Hopefully, it will spark a smile or "2".

Of course, we need to have Trick or Treat with Candy Corn.
I have always been a big fan of grinning pumpkins but I know cute stuff are preferred where I live so I give them little smiles. Tiny pumpkin girl and tiny pumpkin boy go out on a Halloween night. Look, the moon is not yet full... Spooky!!!
Here are cute ghosts appearing among spider webs in the middle of the nights ...
Happy Halloween to all!!!
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The West Lake Review said...

An interesting perspective on a typically frightening holiday. Ideas for Thanksgiving?

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