Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Angels

Hi there,

Today has been a tough and long day at work, so I decided not to bring any paperwork home.... well except one but I didn't even look at it. Hmm... what do we have today... oh, it's a Christmas card. Yay!

Red and green are colors of Christmas and they are here in this card, but I decided to go with light green for a more gentle feeling. Nevertheless, you will still see some dark green in the details.
Well, I know my flowers/angels are a bit off center, but you know that's what happens when I try to make cards after work and late at night ^_* (wink wink). It's all about having fun right? right?
I used EK Success to cute out the flowers. For the top rows, I decided choose the mistletoes because they are in dark green and some red which hep them stand out on a lighter background. The angels are right below as if they are hung from the mistletoes. For the last row, I used double layers of flowers in light and dark green and with a touch red beads in the middle. 

Without any words on the cover, I wanted this card with colors and decorations to bring you a joyous and peaceful feeling when you see it. I am lucky to have a home with a family and when Christmas comes, we can all see each other to wish the best wishes for each other's life.

May the Christmas Angles bring to you, my dear craft friends, a lot of happiness..., some cookies and milk and plenty of heavy presents from Santa ^_* (wink).


My First Card

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