Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Favorites

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 This Craft book contains over 200 card designs for special occasions throughout the year and, edited by Sarah Crosland, David and Charles Company ( All articles include:

1. Picture of the craft
2. Technique used
3. Materials used
4. Tip - Tip - Tip
5. Step by step instruction

Below I will show you my favorite Birthday cards from this book. 
You know Halloween is one of my favorite seasons of all. Below, I present you some cool Halloween cards that we are just going to scream for. 

 Ghostly Treat
Designed and made by Amanda Walker
What a clever idea to make a p icket for mini candies to go inside. I love how the card is standing and the eyes of the ghost is looking down to his candies or thinking of "TRICK".

 Fright Night
Designed and made by Jill Alblas
If all wiches look like this, I would like to have them all in my house. Super cute. I like so much how she is holding a broom. For some reasons, I thought, maybe I can put Charlie Brown in this outfit...

 Bat's Life
Designed and made by Elizabeth Moad
I am not sure how I can fit this in an envelope because of the bat sticking out ^_^. I love the purple background with the moon for some spooky setting and a door open to invite you to come inside. Ready to explore bat's life?


My First Card

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