Saturday, November 13, 2010

Autumn Flowers

Hi there,

These autumn flowers are for you. This card can be a Hello, Thank you or Thinking of you card.

 I choose bright orange for a very autumn feeling and instead of using leaves to signify the fall, I decided to use flowers..

I put several layers of flowers to create the fullness then use the watercolor brush to create dimension on the petals. The beads add in some shine and of course, the bee cannot resist that attraction.

Beads I use for the card.

Hope that you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by!


My First Card


Missy said...

Adorable card. I wanted to do some Autumn cards, but it looks like I won't get to them. I bought some Apple Crisp scent my cards to scent them with, maybe I'll do Thanksgiving and use it. LOL Love the card.

Missy (facebook friend)

disneynut4life said...

Very nice card:) Thank you for sharing!

My First Card said...

Thank you Missy and Disneynut4life for your comments. So glad you enjoyed it!

My First Card.

Pham Ngoc Phuong said...

definitely one of my favorite. i don't know how I can explain it verbally but this card brings me lots of feelings.

My First Card said...

Dear Phuong, I agree with you. I added a baby bee and gave this card to my mom :) hihi sweet right? Well, she insisted that she gets the card anyway ^_^

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