Sunday, November 7, 2010

Easter Favorites

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 This Craft book contains over 200 card designs for special occasions throughout the year and, edited by Sarah Crosland, David and Charles Company ( All articles include:

1. Picture of the craft
2. Technique used
3. Materials used
4. Tip - Tip - Tip
5. Step by step instruction

Below I will show you my favorite Easter cards from this book. 

Bunny Show
Designed and made by Emma Beaman
It's a funky rabbits card with whiskers sticking out. Any kid will be thrilled to get his hands on this. 

Lucky Stripe
Designed and made by Brenda Harvey
This card is super adorable. The egg shape sets a mood for the card already but the purple and blue really bring out the gentleness and cuteness of the occasion. I will be the first in line to buy this card.

Chic chicks
Designed and made by Sarah Beaman
I get a very settling down feeling when I see this. Feel like an afternoon at Grandma's house eating some cookies. Wait, this is Easter not Thanksgiving right?

Animal Farm
Designed and made  by Naomi Sisson
I want to take this rabbit home. I love the color and patterns of the background. Don't forget the button tail ^_^

Citrus Chic
Designed and made by Paula Pascual
Colorful and very simple use of the combination of craft paper.


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