Saturday, January 8, 2011

Museum of Ethnology

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I have some pictures to show you today of the museum of ethnology in Hanoi. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam. The mission of the Museum is scientific research, collection, documentation, conservation, exhibition and preserving the cultural and historic patrimony of the nation’s different ethnic groups. The museum also serves to guide research, conservation, and technology that are specific to the work of an ethnographic museum. (

When I am walking around the museum, it takes me to all the different ethnics present in Vietnam with information on the language, culture, living style and crafts. My pictures are not showing everything at the museum, just some of the items that caught my interest. Enjoy!

The front of the museum. Besides the main building, there is also a very big surrounding garden which showcases some ethnic houses around the country. 
Royal decree of King Le Hien Tong (1768). Nowadays, the decrees are just printed on A4 size papers. 
Two-string Lute *Đàn Nguyệt*

Hand-painted crafts
I don't remember very clearly what it is, but it may be a painting used to protect children ritual. 
Stamps and Seals used for Ritual Materials. At least I know, I will not be jobless if I was a crafter in this period. 
Bamboo lunar calendar. Wow, we don't need no fancy iCalendar application. 

Manuscript with pictographic script. These are more fun to look than old plain English but... I don't understand a word of it. 
Very long boat. This must take a lot of coordination and collaborative effort.
The front
The famous woodblock painting on *wind* paper. Tranh Đông Hồ 
Mmm.... this is just a house in the museum area. No one is living there though. There are different herbs in the garden. 
A long house style.
A tall house style.
Kids playing rope pulling. Look at the kid on the ground who is sill trying to do his share of the pull. 

Looking at this picture. I wouldn't think I am in Hanoi. 
Water transferring system. I am sure there is an official name for it but I just create names that are easy for me to understand. Hope that works for you too. 
Green space is precious in a capital like Hanoi, so couples take advantage and chooses this kind of location for their wedding pictures. 
That was a lot of picture and a long post. Hope you enjoyed it! 

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