Monday, January 3, 2011

Alphabet Series: A and B

Dearest friends,

I decided to make some alphabet series. Here are A and B for Airplane and.... Bunny. For some reasons, my inspirations for this is the polkadots paper in the background. Plus I have some of Martha Stewart awesome birds, butterflies, leaves and flowers stamps.

These cards are so cute for kids, right? These are super fun and easy to make. 

1. I cut out the alphabet pattern from K&C Company page design and highlight the letters and characters with glitter-inked pens. 

2. Then, I used a corner cutter to soften for A but decided to keep it sharp for B. 

3. For the background, I stamped different patterns; birds and leaves for A & purple flowers for B. 

4. That's it, paste it on and glamour it with some sparking white beads.

5. Inside are polka dots pink or green pattern to match with the outer layer. 

Stick around, more letters are coming up ^_^

Much love,

My First Card

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