Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alphabet Series: S & K

Dear friends,

We will be exploring some more alphabet series cards today. I know there are twenty four of them and I might not finish them all, but as of here, I give you two more. S for Sunshine and K for Kitten. 

This card is designed similar to the other ones you have seen already. The only different thing is the color of the beads. Yellow matches much better than white here; plus, I am out of white beads ^_^

I decided to try out a different corner puncher for this kitten card because I want to make it more lively.  If you see the video of how I made it, you will see that, I stamped a lot of butterflies and flowers to the cat to *catch*. 

As said above, here is the link to the DIY video. Please click on the image and it will take you to My First Card Channel on You Tube. Enjoy!

Much love to you as always!

My First Card

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