Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alphabet Series: L & V

Hi there,

I was passing by a Louis Vuitton shop today and since I'm doing an Alphabet Series... mmm.... why not make it LV. Of course, what I make is not gonna be leather or luxurious like this premium product but cute and colorful for kids. The shop is just an inspiration... for the letters ^_*

The way I make these cards is simple:

1. I cut out the alphabet pattern from K&C Company page design and highlight the letters and characters with glitter-inked pens. 

2. Then, I used a corner cutter to soften the look for L and make an octagon shape for V

3. For the background, I stamped different patterns; tiny flowers and leaves for L and butterflies for V. If you look closely, you could see the big purple butterflies and the small, faded, light pink butterflies on the background for V. 

4. That's it, paste it on and glamour it with some sparking white beads.

5. Inside are polka dots pink or green pattern to match with the outer layer. 

Hope you enjoy it. I wonder what the next letters are gonna be. Let's wait for the right inspiration.

Much love,

My First Card

1 comment:

petite hermine said...

What a great idea! Those cards are so cute!

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