Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Xmas 2010 Home Decorations

Hi there,

How was your holiday? This year, I did not decorate as much as I usually do every year, but I still want to share with you some decorations in my home.

1. Decoration around where I live:

2. Decoration on my door (ya, it's the same door you saw the Halloween decoration on ^_^)

3. The surprised HerculesCousin of Christmas tree from my parents. We attended an event together the morning of 25 and they had the tree decorated by ornaments they bought in America and delivered to our apartment to surprise us when we got back. It was super sweet of them.... I didn't know they could be that sweet *Melting*. They also left us some presents too. 

4. Look up - Another sparkling surprise - A new princess/castle chandelier. Oh my Gosh, I have been wanting something like this for the whole year. I am super super happy. 

5. All the blessing God has given me, all the love my family has for me, all the kindness and care my friends have showered me (YES, all my craft friends, I'm talking about you), all my colleagues who work hard with me... I am truly happy. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!!!

Much love,

My First Card

1 comment:

Pham Ngoc Phuong said...

yea a real tree looks way better than an artificial one.

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