Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Anniversary!

Day 8 of the Christmas race:

To my dearest husband,

Aw, look at this pair of ornaments. They are so cute and cannot be standing alone. Of course, the pretty red one with the mistletoe is Me and the green one is You. > Merry Anniversary <

Do you want to know something interesting? For 15-12, the total addition of all numbers is 9 and 5+2=7 like my birthday number. Mmm... Am I dreaming too much here?

I made the matching envelope to go with the card and love the repetition of the circle. 

This card looks simple but it is quite delicate. 

I love the touch of the red ribbon. YAY! 

Much love,

My First Card

1 comment:

Zac said...

Happy Anniversary! Since you dedicated the post to me then that means you have to give me your card as well, ..maybe with my Christmas gift? ;)

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