Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Dearest friends,

Day 6 of the Christmas race:

  • You and Zac Herman like this.
    • Thuy Le So sweet that you are doing this for your daughter and I am very happy to be trusted hihi. I will send you some ideas soon ^_^
      4 hours ago · 
    • Thank u guys for liking my (borrowed) idea. I'm surprised to find my daughter so excited about Xmas this year. I mean it took me quite a while to like Xmas while her liking for the holiday comes quite naturally. With her listening to Christmas carols every night now I feel like Xmas has been here forever. When she saw a Christmas card on your blog she made me click on all of them and was like "wow I wish I could break the computer screen so I can take all the beautiful Xmas presents". I told her "Auntie Thuy made them all for you" and she was like "why why" haha
      3 hours ago · 
    • Phuong Pham Here's a little update: I left computer unattended and when I came back she was literally browsing your card collection having so much fun. I guess you have another crazy fan following your blog now.
      2 hours ago · 

What is more fun than decorating your tree for Christmas? Today, when I checked my Facebook, I received a message from Phuong, my dear friend from FB. Her daughter loves Christmas and really like the cards I made for Christmas, so I would like to dedicate this card to her. I hope she will like it!!!

Here my message for her: "Cháu ơi, cháu dễ thương lắm. Cô tặng cháu cái thiếp Giáng Sinh này nhé. Cháu hãy luôn ngoan và nghe lời mẹ Phương nhé. Cô chúc cháu và gia đình Giáng Sinh vui vẻ!" (Dearest you, you are super cute. I made this Christmas card for you. Please always be a good kid and listen to Mommy Phuong. I wish you and your family all the best wishes this Christmas!)

I am truly happy that I can bring smiles to others with my crafts. Forget the nice words, this is me now *YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY HA HA HA*... that's how I can describe myself @_@

I love the warmth of the colors. Do you?

Much love,

My First Card

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Pham Ngoc Phuong said...

I'm saying this on behalf of my daughter. Cô Thủy ơi con cảm ơn cô nhiều lắm. Con rất thích những chiếc card cô làm, rất rất đáng yêu và đầy cảm xúc. Cảm ơn cô vì đã làm cho Giáng sinh năm nay của con thật đặc biệt. Con chúc cô và chú Zac một giáng sinh an lành và tràn đầy niềm vui (Dear Auntie Thuy, thank you so so much. I really love the cards you made, so lovely and brings about lots of emotions. Thank you for making Xmas this year a very special one for me. I wish you and uncle Zac a happy Xmas together)

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