Monday, December 27, 2010

Gifts I received Xmas 2010

Dear friends,

Here are some of the cards and gifts I received from families and friends.

1. Card from my parents:
This is such a fun and super sweet card from my parents. I don't know how they got this sweet. I love how the Santas and reindeers pop out. Look at the silly surprised looking Snowman in the middle at the bottom... so funny. I wonder where my parents found such a cute card. I know my mom has been liking pop-up cards lately.

 2. Card and gift from my colleagues:

They handmade this for me. I was so close to tearing up but had to conceal it ^_*. It was so thoughtful of everybody to make this for me. I wouldn't sell this even if it is for a million dollar ^_^

3. Card from my colleague:

They went out of the office to get me this super cute *Me to You* card. Looks like the bear just passed out after making the snowman. 

4. Card and gift from my colleague:

5. Gift from my husband

*Our Love Continues to Grow* - This is a collection of my husband's and my emails over the last year. He was so nice to compile this. All the other accessories you see here is addition from me ^_^.

 5. Found this guy while I was taking pictures haha. This is what happens when Santa gets stuck in Vietnam. 

Much love,

My First Card


ScrappingStephanie said...

This post is so sweet. I love all the cards you shared, and how touched you were when receiving them. That really is what it is all about. What a wonderful gift from your husband! That is something that you can cherish forever. Super cute card from your parents...and you are right that snowman is super cute. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday week. We are having a BLIZZARD here in NY.


The West Lake Review said...

What about the scrapbook I made for u,..hmmm? Great post, lots of fun gifts!
ur husband

helena / little mo said...

Your husband's gift is so sweet! I hope you drank your bubbly while reading his compiled emails:) xoxox Happy 2011!

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