Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lovely Christmas Tags!

Dearest friends,

Day 10 of the Christmas race: 

What I have in store for us today are Gift Tags. Snowman, Penguin, Santa... you have it all. I used stamps and color them with colored pencils. I also used snowflakes stamps with glossy ink colors to make it blend in with the background. The blank top is for From and To. Enjoy!!!

Which one is your favorite?

Much love,

My First Card


Karle said...

i honestly do love them all, but my favorite might be the snowman, but i loooove snowmen. you are doing a wonderful job. TFS xoxo

My First Card said...

I agree. I like the snowman the most most most. You can tell that I like snowman cause I made a lot of snowman card :)

petite hermine said...

I like the snowman the most! Though the penguin is a pretty darn cute 2nd :)

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